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The Gateway Park Stage hosts live music on Friday 5pm-midnight, Saturday noon-midnight, and Sunday 1-10pm.  For consideration for the 6/22-6/24, 2018 Gateway Park entertainment, interested bands should submit a promo pack to:
ATTN: Jay, PO Box 771, Cedar Falls, IA between 7/1/17 & 11/1/17.
Invitations for the 2018 celebration will be made January, 2018. 
EVERY band must be totally financially sponsored for consideration!  No band is officially confirmed until they have a signed contract.  Along with the necessity of being sponsored, factors used in determining the invitations are: drawing ability of the "21 & older" group, quality of the group's music &  local notoriety. 
Bands must be flexible and cooperative since this event is held outdoors in a City Park with a temporary setup where schedule or other changes may be necessary due to weather or other unforeseen factors.  Bands that choose not to be understanding of this or are otherwise uncooperative will not be invited back! 
Please do NOT assume that just because you were booked the year before that you would be booked the following year!
Financial sponsorship would be the first step to be considered to perform!  These financial sponsorships have previously come from interested fans, businesses, class reunions and various  groups.  These sponsorships cannot take away from sponsorship levels already pledged or that historically have pledged to Sturgis Falls.  Many times the band offers to play for free!