Happy Trails

Public Safety

For your safety and enjoyment during the Sturgis Falls Celebration weekend, the following regulations will be in effect:

  • You MUST be 21 years of age AND have a valid photo ID in your possession in order to obtain a wristband to purchase beer. Security people with mobile electronic age verifiers will be spot checking IDs throughout the weekend. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding of the Sturgis Falls Celebration Board's focus on curbing underage drinking and our ZERO Tolerance policy.
  • No liquor, beer or wine may be brought into the Cedar Falls parks during the Sturgis Falls Celebration Weekend. No Coolers!
  • Weather Cancellation Policy - When inclement weather is imminent, a decision will be made to postpone or cancel that day’s activities depending on the severity of the predicted conditions and the public’s safety. Lightning is the biggest factor.
  • Cedar Falls City Council passed Ordinance #2788 which prohibits any animals in areas of the Sturgis Falls Celebration and the Cedar Basin Jazz Festival as designated by the Cedar Falls City Council during the Sturgis Falls Celebration Weekend.
  • NO smoking in the parks as set by Iowa Smokefree Air Act (2008).
  • NO bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, scooters or the like are allowed in any of the parks (including Overman) during the Celebration dates. Please use a bike rack for your bike! (See map for location of bike racks).
  • Do not sit on the curb to watch the parade with your feet in the street where there is any chance of being hit by a parade entry (especially on corners-i.e. 3rd and Main!)
  • Please keep the interior sidewalks in Overman Park clear for emergency personnel. Stopping on the interior sidewalk also impairs the vision of seated spectators. Please be respectful of others!
  • There is NO Soliciting of any kind allowed in the Parks during the Celebration weekend!
  • Please obey the reduced speed signs and use the pedestrian cross-walks on 1st Street between Main Street and Iowa Street.
  • MercyOne Cedar Falls will have a First Aid/Rest Tent in Overman Park and on the Green in Sturgis Park Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • Mosquito control: Professional pest control personnel will use only legally authorized chemicals in line with all local, state & federal regulations. A PUBLIC NOTICE will be posted in all treated parks.
  • The Sturgis Falls Celebration Inc. Board of Directors reserves the right to restrict admission or eject and ban anyone from the Parks and areas under their control who may be deemed undesirable or present a threat to the Celebration as a whole.