Happy Trails

Arts and Crafts Fair Vendors please contact ArtsAndCrafts@sturgisfalls.org if you have any questions.

Date: Sunday, June 30, 2019 (one day only) 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. RAIN OR SHINE.

Location: Streets surrounding Overman Park (3rd, Clay & Franklin) Cedar Falls, IA.

All Vendors: Your application must include a complete list of ALL items you will be selling. All items must be family friendly and determined as such by the Sturgis Falls Arts and Crafts Fair Committee. Their decision is final regarding this as well as all other issues. With your completed application, you must enclose a photo of the items you plan to sell. Because items change often, we ask that ALL vendors send photos every year.  They can be sent electronically to the email listed above, if you prefer. Vendors are responsible for covering their own food, beverage, and restroom breaks. 

(~14' x 10') $85.00 per space
(~28' x 10') $170.00 per space 

REGISTER ONLINE  If you choose to print an application and mail it in, the registration fee must be included. 

Important Dates:
MARCH 15 - Exhibitors listed in Sturgis Falls program if application received before March 15.
APRIL 15 - Previous vendors are given first right of refusal IF APPLICATION IS POSTMARKED BY THIS DATE. Any applications (previous or new) received after April 15 will be assigned spaces as they are available.
JUNE 1 - APPLICATION DEADLINE: NO REFUNDS! Applications must be post marked by June 1 and fee in the form of certified check, money order, or cash to be accepted.

Display Booths: Booth provided by vendor. No electricity available (generators NOT allowed). Location determined by the Arts & Crafts Fair Committee. Please be sure your tent and tables can withstand gusty winds. Any vendor with a hazardous display will be required to close and will forfeit their registration fee. **Reminder – please respect the space you are given. Items AND booth must remain within the parameters of your space – including awnings and shade tents.

Set-Up & Tear Down: Set up must be completed by 8:30 A.M. (You may NOT set up the night before) Tear down after 4:00pm. DUE TO SAFETY CONCERNS, NO VEHICLES WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE ARTS & CRAFTS FAIR AREA BETWEEN 8:30 AM AND 4:00 PM. **If you have a trailer, please have it removed by 8:00AM at the latest.** NO PARKING ON GRASS BEHIND YOUR BOOTH. Registration information will be available Sunday morning at the Memorabilia Tent in Overman Park. When tearing down, please remove any trash/refuse to appropriate containers.

Publicity: Widespread, intensive, multimedia coverage. Estimated attendance exceeds 100,000. 

Accommodations: Food, entertainment and restrooms available in Overman Park.

Restrictions: Arts and crafts must be made by vendor. No buy/sell merchandise allowed. If these guidelines are broken, you may be asked to leave. Acceptance contingent upon approval by the Sturgis Falls Arts & Crafts Fair Committee. All decisions FINAL. SALE OF FOOD OR DRINKS IS PROHIBITED.

NOTE: As per Article II, Chapter 6, Code of Ordinances of The City of Cedar Falls, Iowa Section 6-68, part b, only service animals or animals engaged in approved activities will be allowed in the areas where the Sturgis Falls Celebration is taking place.

For more information:
Arts & Crafts Booth Numbers Map
Overman Park Map